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Plagiarism has always been a major problem in the field of internet marketing, article promotion, and of course, in the field of education. Students very often use the internet to prepare theses, term papers, essays and reports. Any information that they want is available on the internet today, which makes it easy for them to find whatever they need - and copy it, too!

Not all professors and teachers in universities and schools are advanced in the knowledge about internet usage and therefore many students take this opportunity to cheat and copy the information straight from the internet and present it as a part of their thesis or essay.

However, today professors are much aware about this problem and are using various types of anti-plagiarism services to catch dishonest students. With the help of online plagiarism checkers, a search of the text is carried out in a matter of seconds on the internet. The document has to be uploaded to verify it and the user would be able to get a very detailed report on all the parts that are copied, the sources from where they have been copied and even the percentage of the copied text.

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Free plagiarism checker works on PDG, Doc, RTF, Text and HTML files. An article of as much as 5000 words can be tested at once. This system is particularly useful in the education fields in Russia where the learners have to use their creativity to write dissertation, essays and other educational materials. Students are often encouraged to write texts on their own rather than just compiling it through different web pages on the topic.

Online plagiarism checker uses advanced techniques for data processing and data analysis along with the latest technology in the programming field in order to come up with a product which stands at par with anti-plagiarism programs from the other English speaking countries.

At present, plagiarism.pro checks as many as 4 million different sources on an everyday basis. The resource would be useful for website owners and online marketers who want to preserve the copyright of their material and keep a track of the reprints of their material. After some brief inspection there is also a possibility of adding a resource base for this application.

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Today, anti-plagiarism is conducting extensive campaigns in order to increase awareness about its services, especially in the field of education. Several presentations and workshops “How to Find plagiarism for free or check copy for plagiarism online”are being conducted for teachers. Recommendations and training materials for the management of institutions are being worked upon and legal framework is being prepared for implementing this system in the learning process. The company is planning to create a wider audience and increase awareness about combating plagiarism in other fields as well.

"It is difficult to know the exact plagiarism figures among the students in Russia but approximately 1/3 of the assignments are plagiarized. Unfortunately, this number is growing at a rapid pace since students are able to find almost any information they want on the internet."- said a rector assistant on the subject. "The anti-plagiarism service launched is absolutely useful. However, if a teacher is experienced, he/she would always be able to tell if the work has been written by the student or ahs been copied from the internet. However, apart from experience and intuition, documentary evidence is always useful " - she said.

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